Just some customer demands you eventually get used to

Background: I work in a call-centre with inbound calls for a company that provides a certain service (what kind is irrelevant to the story, so I won‘t go into detail).

An accountant of a small company (aka Client) calls about an invoice that she was late paying and asks to wave the interest. Weeeell. We don‘t usually do that, unless there is some kind of an issue from our side. There wasn‘t. She starts talking in a sad voice how we should be understandable and kind, bla bla bla. Years in customer service have not yet incinerated the flower of naivety blooming deep down in my wicked soul, so, although I am quite certain we can‘t really do that, I try going through the information we have on how the Company handles late payments during the pandemic and quarantine assuming that this is the cause for the late payment. While I am trying to figure out what I can do we talk further and she explains why the payment is late – she was on a vacation and noone else pays the bills in the company. Well yes, she has access to everything, but come on, it’s vacation. She could have paid a couple days ago, but she forgot to fill out a form in the bank, so it got dragged a few days more… Anyway, we must be understandable or she will call our director (not sure whom she meant). “If you don’t wave the interest, I will absolutely not leave it alone! Why don’t you pay me interest when I pay earlier?! If you do that i will consider paying the interest” . The funniest thing? The interest is – drum roll – around 10 cents.

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I still remember this call from 10 years ago

Don’t p*ss of the only person who is working (night)