Customer wants to be the "squeaky wheel".

Pretty standard request for tech support. Customer called in late Wednesday afternoon to have us check the way his photos were behaving on his website. We reviewed the issue and sent it off to the team that directly handles his specific website issue.

Since then, my dude has spent just about every spare minute of his time calling us to “check in” on his issue.

Also, that screenshot does not include the times he called us this morning, starting at 9:01am on the dot. In detailing the entire issue to my coworker who picked up this morning, he admitted that he wanted to be the “squeaky wheel” to make sure we stay on it.

Buddy, the person handling your issue is and has been “on it” for two days. Calling us every hour is not going to make the developers fix the issue faster. Nor is spending 5-15 minutes on each call reviewing the issue in great detail to anyone who picks up.

We hear you. We understand. You’re real and valid. Please go outside.

TL;DR: Client wants to be the “squeaky wheel”, comes off as more of a “broken washing machine from the early 90’s refurbished by redneck engineering”.

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