How not to commit insurance fraud #6

In the U.K. there is a issue where people who are a high insurance risk try to reduce their premiums by pretending to be an occasional driver of a car and give the details of someone else as the main driver. This is most commonly a young man pretending the car is being driven by their mother. Many companies will automatically rate the insurance on the highest risk anyway, but for those who don’t it is called ‘Fronting’ and is a form of insurance fraud. It is classed as obtaining an goods and services by deception and could land you in trouble even if you don’t have a claim . Best case scenario if you do is that you have to pay the difference in premiums anyway, or have the cover voided without a refund. Details have been changed to protect the innocent, and I didn’t deal with the call myself – it was one of the Water Cooler cases.

Caller : Why are you cancelling my policy?

Employee: Please could you confirm your name and car registration.

Caller: Robert Gunn RO 13 GUN

Employee: I can see the policy was rated on your Mother, Louise, but we have reason to believe that you are the main driver.

Mr Gunn: But how can you say that?

Employee: When the engineer inspected your car to authorise the repairs he identified that your registration plate was adjusted so it reads ROB GUN.

Mr Gun : We just git that for when I drive my own car.

Employee: It was the sun stickers you have fixed to the windscreen (windshield) with your name on the driver’s side and your girlfriend’s on the passenger’s side.

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