The guy who now doesn’t want help

So as some of you know from my previous rants i work for a mortgage company. With covid19 everything is mostly upside down, policies changing non stop but now we are getting mostly back to normal. So to give a bit of background content the customer in question lost his job and couldn’t make payments. So he called and asked for harddship help, during those two months i guess he decided maybe i can refinance and get some money out. So he calls in with a 3rd party that verifies credit for the company he is going to go with.

Me: welcome to censor my name is me can i have your loan number please.

3P: yes hi i have a mutual customer on the line and just need to verify some information for a refinance being worked on.

So after verifying the borrower and going over the basic loan information needed we get to the part that got really messy.

3P: so one more question, has this loan been or is in a forbearance?

Me: let me see what we have here….

Borrower: I’ll answer that for you, no i am not and have never been.

3P: i hear you, but we need it from the mortgage provider.

Me: from my notes here, yes the loan was place on a forbearance and is due for the past 2 months.

So the 3rd party takes the information and the customer gets mad. Because he sees that this may affect his chance at a refi

Borrower: No that is wrong, i never asked for that hardship assistance and never wanted it. You guys did this to me without my permission and its wrong. You need to correct that now, if i lose this refinance i will sue you.

At this point im looking through the notes and tell him, “well sir you called in on this day, gave information regarding your impact financially and requested we out you on a plan for hardship”

Borrower: No that is incorrect and you are gonna face a lawsuit . I want those calls pulled.

So i tell him we can check to see about getting the calls pulled and listening to them. And advs since he is threatening legal action the call ends there. He actually hung up while telling him leaving me and the 3rd party on the line. I followed up with my supervisor a week later, and he lost the refinance and had to make 3 payments since he got taken off of the hardship.

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