the cat lady

Hi all 2nd post I have made here, this one is a bit different as its not my tale but one told to me by my trainer many moons ago, and to this day I still don’t know if its true or a tale to tell the newbies. Its funny and I have had a call today about death of a customer due to that dam bug and 2nd this week, so I need a laugh.

I work for a benefit that helps family’s out and deals with children, a common call is adding on a child to a claim. my trainer had been teaching a new batch of advisers on how our system works and was doing floor walking to help them out when they got stuck when she gets one of her lot sticking his hand up. This was a summery of the conversation before the trainer was called over.



C: I need to add tom onto my claim.

A: sure (runs through security)

A: Running through our guidance prompted the adviser to ask “have you registered toms birth?”

C: Why would I register a cats birth?

A: Cat?

C: Yes my cat, I need to add him on to my claim.

A: You cant add a cat onto the claim.

C: But I have added on my other cats, why can’t I add on Tom?

A: Other cats?

C: Yes Ruby and Jess.

These are the other “children” on the claim and this was the point the trainer was called over. Needless to say those were removed from the claim and the cat lady was told that no you cant claim pets as dependants.

Hope you got as much of a laugh as we do from this story. Stay safe out there.

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