*F word* Mexican

Background: I work for a large tv provider and I looks like the customer has been transfered multiple times. RK: Racist Karen Me=me

Me: Thank you for choosing tv provider my name is ed3132463, with whom do I have the pleasure and how can I assist you?

RK: My tv is not working, I need it fixed right now

Me: ok ma’am no worries, I am going to give you a solution.

RK: good

After going over a couple of questions

RK: finally I got someone in the US I was keep getting people from the fu***ng Philippines. By the way Ed313246 on what state are you in?

Me: actually ma’am I am not in the states I am in Mexico City.

RK: oh hell no, now I got a fucking Mexican.

Me: ma’am you can understand me perfectly fine you eve…..


Me: without hesitating a second ok, request from a supervisor for an escalated call

Note – we have a tool where we can request a supervisor for an escalated call, all of them are on the US but we can’t choose who to contact, they just randomly accept escalated calls.

sees the hardest name to pronounce ever (at least for me, we will call him Gopalkrishna) turns out an agent that takes international call picked up the call

Gopalkrishna: with a heavy South Asian language accent hello what is a problem?

Me: I have a customer that is requesting a supervisor, she refused to speak with me anymore.

Gopalkrishna: still with a heavy accent ok, you transfer call now.

Me: couldn’t understood what he said but I didn’t wanted to be rude I apologise sir, you were breaking up.

Gopalkrishna: transfer, transfer call.

Me: ok, one second. Switches to the other line ok Mrs. RK I have a supervisor on the other line.

RK: Finally, why are you people so hard

Me with the happiest tone ever have a nice day transfers the call

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