Tales about dummies.

So during this pandemic all of our retail stores are closed. Queues went from 0 second wait times to 15-25min. People are stuck at home and I’m assuming they’re bored based on the calls I’ve been getting. Here are a few. Remember, ~20min holds.

Me: opening.
Customer: I did the upgrade to my computer and now I can’t open anything.
Me: what happens when you try?
Customer: some error message
Me: can you read me the error message? Customer: something about [program name] interrupted restart Me: did you restart it? Customer: no Me: restart your computer. …… resolved.

Customer: I forgot my password.
Me: have you tried resetting it yet?
Customer: it didn’t work.
Me: walk me through what you did.
Customer: …. I didn’t try.

Customer: my computer is out of space how do I fix?
Me: delete unwanted files/apps.
Customer: I’m not deleting anything.
Me: then I can’t fix it without buy external storage.
Customer: I’m not paying for anything else.
Me: anything else I can help with then?

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