He just wants to talk about his car

So this is my first post here, and I figure Id share my calls with you all! I work at a certain credit card company answering basic info about a card and like you all I get weirdos and perverts all the same, honestly love my job but still. I wanna tell you about a caller who I get EVERY. DAMN. DAY. That im on the phones, he shall be known as john smith from queens new york. This dude calls in every day and has a fetish for cars, he will try and trap you in a call to talk about how his dad taught him how to drive a car in new york and if you dont catch him he will go on. Heres how my calls go with him.

Me: “Hi! This is durboki in [state] center, may I have your full name please.”

Perv: “john smith from queens new york and how are you today”

Me: “Im doing fantastic! Thank you for asking! How can I help you today?”

Perv: ” I think I spoke with you last week? You sound familiar”

Me: “probably, how can I help you today?”

Perv:”whats my balance?

Me:”excellent question! Its $$$$”

Perv:”how much do I have available?”

Me:”you have 6 dollars available for you to spend.”

Its always 6 dollars…

Perv: “And did you receive my payment for this month?”

Heres where you need to catch him or else he will start talking about the damn car.

Me: “yes we did and we do thank you for that payment! Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Perv: “And how do you like [state]”

Me: “its okay”

Perv:”I was born and raised here in queens new york, my father…..”

And he will go on and on and on until you either hang up or until you get a word in edgewise. Everytime he calls in now I just tell him his balance and available credit and rnd the call, he is always so dejected and will try to keep you on got goddamn the first time I got him I had no idea he would do that. My team lead told us he calls every day and we are allowed to hang up on him if he starts, hes getting off about talking about his car. Ive heard him in other calls as we review others to see what can be improved and each time hes either panting or gasping at times. Its sick.

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Tales about dummies.

Lasted 90 days in my call center job. You guys are troopers.