People are so rude

So, I work for a well known pharmacy who also offers mail order pharmacy. We work in a large building complex and have no face to face contact with our customers. This incident happened to a co-worker of mine. I’ll call him James.

James and I work in different departments. I work translating online prescriptions while he works in the dept that deals with insurance. Patients can call and speak to someone in James’ department if they have questions about what drugs are covered and not covered under their insurance plan. Keep in mind, our company has nothing to do with what plan or insurance company people have or choose. James’ dept strictly tells them what is covered or not and maybe if there is a generic that would be cheaper.

So one day, I was having an all out crap day. Went on break, was chatting with James a bit. We were arguing over who’s day was worse. He told me some older guy called and got so mad that his medication wasn’t covered so he screamed at James and was told, “YOU ARE THE REASON FOR MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!” Then hung up on him. It wasn’t even a close competition. James won for worst day.

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The Entitled i dont want to pay fees kind.

Rude customers can’t dial the right numbers