Rude customers can’t dial the right numbers

Both happened yesterday (from mobile, obligatory sorry for formatting).

I work for a credit card call centre, sometimes the banking (debit card) customers call. NBD, just ask their query and transfer them to right department.

Call 1

Female 1: hi, my grandfathers debit card is cracked (and about 5 other problems I cant fix).

Me: I’m really sorry, you’re at credit cards and I dont know how to do that but…

Female 2: now listen here you fucking deaf bitch!

(Wish I was making this up, she came screeching down the phone)

Me: I’m not tolerating that language or I will hang up

Thankfully didnt have to as they cut themselves off. All I was going to say was “I can transfer you to the team that can help”. Some people.

Call 2

Me: hi, I’m (blank), what is your full name please?

Customer: now listen here right, my debit card pin is blocked, meaning I had to use my business debit card which I got charged for. I want all those charges reversed now!

Me: if the pin is blocked, it’s the wrong pin entered and needs to be unlocked from one of our banks ATM, and you’re at credit cards, I’ll need to get you through to banking to discuss charges on accounts.

Customer: well I cant get through to banking, I got straight through to you.

Me: because this is credit cards.

Customer: and another thing, theres transactions I didnt make on my account.

Me: … let me get you through to fraud.

The entitlement was strong with him.

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