The Entitled i dont want to pay fees kind.

So working for a mortgage comoany, well bank that handles mortgages; we get our fair share of people who dont want to pay fees that have racked up. Now with covid19 we are not doing late charges, but property inspection fees may still be assessed. Now this is because the fee may be assessed now during this time but the service could have been done in the past….its weird yea. Anyway i got a call from a customer today about it and it kind of went like this

Me=Me Guy=Guy

Me: welcome to censored bank my name is censored may i have your account number?

Guy: yea its censored, i want to know why my late charges went up

Me: i can certainly help with that, may i have your name and verify your social.

Guy: censored

Me: Alright sir, so i see that you do not have late charges on your account, you have outstanding property inspection fees and a new one was just assessed.

So i go on to explain to him that these fees are assessed whenever a payment is late, we can send out someone to make sure the home is occupied and he hasn’t abandoned it, thus defaulting. So after a bit of back and forth about not wanting to pay it we get to this point.

Guy: so what can i do to avoid these fees.

Me: well under your contract stipulations, you just have to pay on time or within the grace period to avoid charges.

Guy: thats not what i asked

Me: well sir unfortunately it is the only way to avoid late charges if any and property inspection fees.

Guy: so you mean take my business with another bank?

Me: if you feel that it is unjust and dont want to pay that is fine. They will remain there until the loan is paid and if you feel that we have not done the best service, you can definitely move your loan to another bank as unfortunate as that is.

Guy: alright, click

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