“Just do whatever they say”

I worked years ago in a call center doing retention, which is a shit job honestly. Anyways, I got ahold of a guy, got half way through my script of “Thanks for calling HellHole, I’m OP. How can I help you today?” When he yelled “don’t say anything else to me until you read the notes on my account.

Great, another long process where the customer has been through months of shit. Right? Nope! We had the option of adding a perm note to be at the top of their account, and someone added one that said “Just do whatever they say.” Awesome.

So I tell him I’ve read it and he starts INSISTING he needs a $50 credit applied (a full months bill) because his service was down for half the month. I had a $20 credit limit for every account before I had to get supervisor approval, and mine was a dick who I didn’t want to call over unless necessary. Anyways, I looked through his usage and it had been used daily at high levels, and he had multiple credits on his account from previous months. Convo went about like this:

“I’m sorry, sir, but from what I can see your service was used daily all month. Before any additional credits can be applied, I need to send a technician out to have them check everything.”

“I thought you said you read the notes?!”

“Yes, I did, however I can’t credit a full month of service since we’ve credited the last 3 months without a technician visit.”

“That’s bullshit, they did it before, just give me my credit. I do this every month I don’t understand why you won’t just do your job.”

“Well, because you do this every month, and solving the underlying issue is part of my job so you can keep your service. When can I schedule that tech?”

“If you’re not just going to give me the credit then cancel my service”

“No problem, just to let you know you did sign a contract so cancellation fees will apply as well as any owed amount.”

“Just forget about it fucking bitch” click

I made sure to type out a novel in the notes about what happened for the next agent, but it honestly made me so happy to be the one who got to tell that dude “no” finally.

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Lasted 90 days in my call center job. You guys are troopers.

"Let’s just say we’re cool"