"Let’s just say we’re cool"

I took a call today where I spent 30 minutes helping a guy understand why a change had taken place on his account, and what options he had. He’s obviously a little irritated, but pretty understanding for the most part.

When I go to wrap the call he says he appreciates me being so patient, and that he wishes there was some way he could tell the company about it.

I’m required to ask all callers who aren’t reporting the death of a customer if they want to take a satisfaction survey, so when he says that I immediately go, “Oh, well actually there is! If you want to stay on the line there’s a survey you can take after the call!”

The dude pauses for a second and then says, “no… thanks though. Let’s just say we’re cool.”

I couldn’t even be mad, it just made me laugh. Sometimes words are easier than actions.

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