Lasted 90 days in my call center job. You guys are troopers.

So I got a job as an at-home technical support associate with a certain very popular phone and computer company. I know for sure some of you in this sub work the very same position. I started at the beginning of February and handed in my resignation yesterday.

In the beginning, I was very excited. I got hired through a program this company has to hire college students for this position so I had a great team that was in my age-range and flexible hours to work around my school schedule. They started me at $16 an hour and I had full benefits including medical, PTO, a 401k plan — stuff that you don’t always come by when trying to find work as a college student. They even send you a big, nice computer to work from. In theory, it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Of course, I realized instantly it was just a glorified call center job but I figured I could hack it and this company can be tough to get a job with anyway. So I ran with it. Training lasted 9 weeks. The first few weeks were great, it was just my team and I in a virtual classroom environment, working together, and learning the ins and outs of the job. We had a great trainer and our manager was the sweetest, most supportive manager I’ve ever had. We started taking calls during training and while I was nervous at first, I gave myself time to settle into the job and get used to it.

This never exactly happened. Toward the end of training and once we were actually on the job, I started dreading work. I realized that this job gave me major anxiety, to the point where one night I had a meeting with my manager and kind of broke down from nervousness a little, and she could tell I was not okay. She was nice enough to give me a few paid days off to get my head together but I personally knew that my problem was bigger than that. I had just never felt stressed like this at work before, even in other customer service environments. Obviously, I had to deal with a good deal of shitheads that called in, who I didn’t shake off as much as I thought I was going to be able to, but even the nice people made me nervous. I came to the realization that over-the-phone technical support is simply not the job for me; I found the entire process of it extremely mentally taxing. Even my fiancée had started noticing I wasn’t acting like myself, and it was because even on my days off I was thinking about having to work again.

And so I quit. My manager was very understanding and implied that with everything going on in the world right now (which has admittedly affected my living/school situation, though I’m in no dire straights), it may have simply not been the right time for me and that I would be free to reapply if I ever felt inclined. I also have a pizza delivery job to go back to. It’s not as romantic and doesn’t have all the perks but at least I can sleep at night.

I realize I’m in a lucky position to be able to just quit on the fly like this without getting into financial hot water and that many people in this sub do not have that option, and I just have to tell you guys that y’all are soldiers. Serious kudos for the work you put in. I feel like I gave it my best effort but in the end, I just realized that I was not suited for it and I couldn’t follow through with it.

Sorry if this was a little all over the place but I just wanted to get it out there.

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