But Why Do I Need To Note Everything?

So, I recently hired by a company to be an inbound CSR for a retail company. I worked for this company in the recent past and I was hired by a BPO* to work for them again. I’m both loving it and dreading it because some of those customers are still triggering me. Anyway.

I’m in training at the moment and we had to set up a mock ticket (as a group activity, ugh). Everything went fine until I had to note the steps I took in the ticket and not just say what the customer called in about and what the solution was. One of my fellow classmates uttered a variation of the title to me when I started to put in a note as to the exact steps I took to get the result.

I sat there stunned. This person, by their own admission, had worked in a call center before and had no idea why they had to note the ticket. I understand that all CC have differing policies when it comes to notation, but all of the CC I have worked for required you to note almost everything.

I gently tried to explain why you needed to note; because someone might come behind you and need the solution you found, so someone could follow along see your reasoning, etc…

After trying to explain to this person all the reasons I stopped and said, “Because it’s to CYA.” They continued to press that there was no need to do it. I just kept saying that it’s CYA. Finally, they said that they got it. I don’t think they do. I think they just gave up and are going to be surprised when they get their QA scores.

I need to start drinking again.

* Business Process Outsourcing, a company that handles part of your business, like customer contacts

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