The Bug

It’s been awhile. To be quite honest, my mental health soured and Reddit wasn’t really something that helped too much, but I’m getting back into things. Anyways.

We had a very annoying bug in the new FTTH software we were giving our customers. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, I’m a tier 2 agent for an ISP. The bug was causing customer’s phones to auto hang up when they were on it for long periods of time, usually after about a couple hours. Personally, I don’t talk on my phone besides at work for longer than five minutes but that’s besides the point. This bug has since been fixed about a few weeks ago, and this issue happened about a month ago.

We had told our tier 1 agents multiple times that this was a known issue and we were to receive zero tickets about it because our boss would get us to call these tickets if we’d get any, and it would simply waste our time. We’d still get tickets from lazy T1 agents or T1 agents that didn’t want to explain to customers that it was a known issue.

There was a T1 agent who sent a ticket for a customer who I will refer to as Loon or L for short. This is how that call back went.

Me: Hi, this is Me. Is this Loon? I’m calling back about the ticket regarding Bug.

L: Oh, yes. Did you fix it?

Me: Actually, I’m calling to let you know that this is a known issue, and we’re working on a fix. There are multiple customers affected by this. Please be patient, we do understand how frustrating it can be.

L: So, you’re just hacking into our software and telling us it’s a known issue?

Me: confused I’m sorry?

L: I’ve been around on this planet long enough to know when you people are hacking into my phone line. I’ve already had to unplug everything in my house to stop you people from spying on me. I like making long phone calls, I don’t need or want you people spying on me. I should report this to the police.

Me: L, we are not tapping or hacking into your phone line. There is a well known issue at the moment and I’m just calling to let you know that it will be fixed with time.

L: That’s bull! click (They swore)

I did not even bother to try calling him back. I closed the trouble ticket with:

Advised customer about known bug. Customer stated it was bull and that we were hacking his phone. Closing ticket.

Some people make me question the human race.

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