Boomer threatens my job and calls me an idiot!!

So this happened this week, on mobile so apologies for any formatting issues.

So I work for a large telecoms company dealing with faults on customers lines

Cast Me- Your truly B- boomer

So I’ve been having a lot of entitled customers recently and had just about had enough when I receive this call.

Me- hello your through to (me) @ (company) how can I help?

B- my service isn’t working can you look into this?

Me- sure I will just need to verify your account can you just confirm some details?

Customer confirms all details and I start to do some tests on the service. During this entire time the customer is talking without taking a breath or allowing me to respond

B- the service is just so slow and I’m paying so much money for it that’s just not acceptable is it? Well I know it’s not acceptable. I used to work for your company back in the 70s when it was all…..

This went on for a good 10 minutes

Me- (trying time interrupt) mrs b…

B- (not allowing me to speak) well I tell you this for nothing….. (continues on her tangent)

Me- mrs b I have….. (she still doesn’t allow me to speak)

Now I’m just getting frustrated, I say in a firmer voice

Me- mrs b I need to explain what I have found (finally she shuts up) ok so I can see your line is working as it should be and there is no issues what I can do is give you some advice to improve it on your end or if you would like a faster service you can look into other packages and I can transfer you to discuss this

Just to note mrs b wasn’t getting the best package and if she wanted something better than what she was getting these were her choices, there was nothing more I could physically do for her

B- no that’s not going to happen, you are going to fix it I’ve been with your company for 17 years and I’ve paid so much money to your company that’s gotta mean something, last time I rang the gave me xy and z because I am such a loyal customer. I want something more done and I’ll not pay a penny more

She continues on this tangent about how she used to work for x company and how she is such a LOYAL customer and she DESERVES better etc we are reaching the 20 minute mark on this call, I know I can’t do anything for her other than the options I have given but she just isn’t listening so again I try to interrupt her.

Me- mrs b I can send you….

She doesn’t even take a breath or falter instead just continues like I’m not speaking again I try

Me- mrs b I can assist you by….

Again nothing and this is getting ridiculous I’ll never get her off the phone, at this point I’m thinking about just disconnecting but this kinda person will just ring back up and knowing my luck she will get me again. So again I put my stern voice on to be slightly louder than her and to get her to stop talking long enough that I can explain

Me- mr b I am trying to offer you advice, if you continue to interrupt me I will disconnect the call as I can help you no further

Finally silence!!!

B- go ahead

Me- so I can send you information to improve the service on your end, this will help to optimise what you are receiving or I can put you through to upgrades to discuss changing your service to a better package. Other than those two options I can not assist you any further unfortunately

B- that’s not good enough I’m not paying more money for this and anything you send won’t help, what information are you going to send? Tell me know so I can tell you how it’s not going to work

Me- ok so we recommend to move your equipment to (area) in the home and keep it away from xy and z….

B- well that’s not possible it has to be where it is I can’t move it

Me- (just had enough of this now) mrs b I have given you the information and if you are unable to make those adjustments I’m afraid there is nothing more I can do so I can either transfer you to upgrades or we will need to end this call

B- (not happy) that’s not acceptable (again another tangent starts and I’m not having it anymore)

Me- mrs b I have helped as much as I can and I wish I could do more but unfortunately I can not so is there anything else I can help you with today?

Mrs b maybe realising I’m not taking her crap anymore

B- well this is absolutely ridiculous when my contract is up I will be moving to another company, 17 years I’ve been a customer and nothing

Side note I had already checked this customers account she was a serial complainer as per the notes and was clearly out for some form of compensation

B- (now her voice changes and she says a veiled threat) well I hope YOU don’t lose your job….. IDIOT!!!


Why do people think that being a loyal pain the a** customer entitles you to something for nothing?! This is pretty much the majority of the calls I deal with on a daily basis. Call centre staff aren’t there as customer play things to abuse, mistreat and threaten we are human beings trying to earn a living who are dealing with our own stuff at home. This customer I am 100% will ring back and make a complaint against me personally and will hope to get me fired!! I wish I could say I work for a great company that would support me but unfortunately I don’t and if she makes a big enough stink about it they may well try to appease her because this company is all about profit and customer satisfaction at the expense of us meer worker bees

TLDR; customer says service isn’t working, we find it is working perfectly. Offer advice on how to improve. Customer won’t hear it keeps interrupting then threatens my job and calls me an idiot because I can’t help any further

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