Why did I check my email on my day off???

So, I work in a communications sales inbound center. And we have been SLAMMED for the past few weeks. People needing service since they are gonna be stuck inside and working from home. I get it. But it has been brutal.

And there have been some changes about how we do installs and what we can install. We have had such overflow in other departments it comes to our department. And we have a metric for commission that is based on every call. If it isn’t a sale, numbers go down.

So I took yesterday and today off. I am mentally over it. Along with being stuck inside all day for days at a time, husband at home too, and just some other personal stuff. I am doing the best I can just like my coworkers but it is hard to stay cheerful and perky for every customer.

Hell, I had a guy wait on hold for 2 hours to get to me just to ask me to call Amazon for him. TO CALL AMAZON! OUR COMPETITOR! He didn’t understand why he can’t get them on the phone but thought I would stop doing my job to call amazon and talk to them for him.

But yesterday, I had a lady call in and tells me she can’t watch certain shows because she doesn’t have internet. Now, she doesn’t have internet so I want to sell her internet so I can make a sale in these times of no sales. I should have just transferred her to tech support but nooooo I wanted some commission.

I go through the whole thing and basically tell her it will be $34 more to her account for her to have internet. Thats to expensive for her, she tells me. But during this whole interaction, she keeps talking over me and I have had my fill. She goes to do it again and I keep talking and louder.

So guess what call they pull for quality? Our stupid, subjective quality team. They gave me a zero. They wanted me to suggest adding a movie channel instead. Wait, I get paid per unit, why would I off her a $5 movie channel? That isn’t a unit. They wanted me to suggest she get her own modem – um no, thats my revenue.

So there it is, in my email, from my boss telling me we will discuss during our weekly coaching. Her boss and His boss are CC’ed on this email.

I really dont care anymore. Quality doesn’t pay me. My sales do. Im one of the top producers there, why would you harass the woman making you money?

I miss my old boss and her boss. They were more laid back and less overbearing. I am tired of shit like this making me feel depressed and adding to my overall outlook of my job right now.


Sorry, I needed to vent somewhere. I just feel like crying for some reason.

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