The call that confused me the most.

I work in the fraud department of one of the major credit card companies. I took this call last year soon after getting out of training, and it completely baffles me to this day. I have no idea how this woman has survived this long.

Lady calls in, confirms a charge was hers (we send out fraud alerts on suspicious charges), all is good, I ask her if she has any more questions.

Lady: I noticed on your website that my card expires soon, can you send me a new one?

Now I can’t confirm the exact expiration date over the phone, but I look and I see her card doesn’t expire until 2022 or something like that.

Me: I see your card doesn’t expire for quite a while, but I can send you a new one if you’d like.

Lady: but it says on your website…

Me: Where are you seeing this?

I don’t remember HOW we got there. But it came out that she was looking at her Netflix account settings. She was looking at the card on file there. And the best part is, the card on file wasn’t our card. It was one of our competitors.

Me: Okay, so I’m glad we got that cleared up. I would contact “other card company” if you have concerns about that card.

Lady: But can’t you send me a new card?

Me: A new “our brand” card?

Lady: No, a new “our competitor” card…

Me: … you would need to speak with them about that, ma’am.

Lady: Well, what good are you? (Hangs up)

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