Tired of entitlement

So I work for a pretty big corp. Right now we are running a promo. Buy 25 dollars, get free shipping. Entitled cx encounter

Me:Thank you for calling blank my name is blank how can I assist you?

CX: Are you guys giving away free shipping because of the virus

Me: Well we are running a promo right now that if you buy 25 dollars worth of merch, you get free shipping

CX: but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on your over priced crap. I want free shipping, you need to give this to me. We are in hard times. I need it.

Me: Fed up: I’m sorry but I can’t waive your shipping fee

CX: But it’s unfairrrrr lady was born in 67

Me: I understand that you feel in entitled to it, but no.

CX: I want to speak to your supervisor. You’re going to get fired.

Yeahhhh okay lady. TBH our system isn’t set up to take off a shipping fee without a promo code. 2. I am in the resolution department taking ecom overflow. I am a mini supervisor 😂😂😂😂

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