When you ask the wrong questions be prepared to get the wrong answers….

I work for a popular roadside assistance company and received a gem of a transfer call today. The agent that was transferring this person to me was kind of all over the place when she was explaining the issue so I thought that maybe that was where some of the customers confusion came from. Then I spoke to the lady. This interaction still has me scratching my head.

M: me C: crazy lady

C: So what is the cost of a brand new membership for one person?

M: $70.

C: $70?!

M: Yes it’s $50 then a $20 application fee. Sometimes the sales agent can waive the application fee for you.

C: I didn’t ask for the breakdown. What’s the cost of a new membership?

M: $70….

C: So scratch the application fee and how much is the membership?!

M: Without the application fee it’s $50…..

C: okay that’s what I wanted to know. How much is the upgraded membership for one person? I want to know the price not the breakdown of it.

M: okay it’s $86 per year.

C: It’s 86 additional dollars to upgrade?!

M: No. It’s 36 additional dollars. Making it a total of $86.

C: That’s not what I asked! I asked how much the upgraded membership was! Why can’t any of you just answer simple questions?

M: ( Guys I’m sorry I lost my shit here a little bit) Ma’am you asked me how much the upgraded membership was and I told you. If I told you it was 36 additional dollars then that would be giving you the breakdown which you just said you didn’t want.

C: I don’t mean to sound condescending but are you in sales? I think the sales team would know more about the pricing.

M: Ma’am you were just speaking with a sales representative and you told her you wanted to speak with someone else. Pricing details are things both customer service and sales can go over.

C: Well if you’re going to get snippy maybe I should just ask for someone’s boss! All I want to know is the price of the upgraded membership!

M: $36….

C: Okay thanks click

What the hell even was that call??????

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