The most prejudiced person I ever encountered

A few years ago, I worked at a call center doing customer service for Medicaid programs in a big city that was nowhere near where I lived (different state.) I got done with work at 8pm, and at 7:58, I got the following call. This was a person who was on a Medicare/Medicaid program, so she was an older woman. Relaying from memory here.

Caller: I need an xxxx (random specialty doctor.)

Me: Sure, I can help you with that. Is there a certain doctor you’d like to see?

Caller: Find me one.

M: Okay, I found a doctor xxx.

Caller: No, no one Asian please!!!

M: Okay, how about Dr. xxx?

C: Nope, those damn Indians are taking over everything! I hate em! No Indians!

M: Okay, how about Dr. xxx?

C: Women can’t be doctors! Absolutely not.

M: Okay, how about Dr. xxx?

C: He sounds Jewish. No thank you. Are there any normal doctors in this list???

At this point, it was 10 minutes after my shift was over and I was getting thisclose to telling off this lady. We had already hit on almost every group of people there was, or so I thought, but this lady was definitely not done yet.

M: (In a last ditch atrempt, I still remember this person’s name.) Okay, how about Dr. Washington? (I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this one.)

C: Washington? He sounds black. No thanks.

At this point, I had had enough and this lady was literally the most prejudiced person alive.

M: Those are all of the doctors in your area in the specialty you need. If you’d like to search the provider list yourself, I can email you the website.

C: WHY WOULD I DO THAT?? I’M NOT GOING TO DO YOUR JOB! Can I speak to your supervisor?

I transferred her and that was that, but to this day I remember this call from 5 years ago because I’m still dumbfounded.

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