My least favorite call just got worse

I absolutely hated the normal “make my rate go down” calls as an insurance agent because the customer asks 2 questions and doesnt like the answer to either.

Why did my rate go up? (Stuff we already told you would change and the world around you changed)

Why can’t you make it lower? (because this is what it costs to insure you and the state wouldn’t let us change it if we wanted to).

Now that there’s a pandemic, there are people who have already paid in full calling in droves to beg for a refund since they arent driving as much. This isnt a terrible idea, but they never just ask that one question. Once you say no (or even just not yet, we are working on it), they complain about how its unfair (it really isnt) and how they are paying for nothing (wrong). Its a simple yes or no question but they feel entitled to share their ignorant opinions of how they think insurance should work and it drives me up a fucking wall.

The rating criteria is defined and approved by the state way before the policy takes effect and I highly doubt the actuaries have a good idea what kind of claims reduction they will see with a piecemeal shelter in place order across 50 different states. This is an impossible math problem and chucking money at the customer seems great for companies with already shitty ratios because they know any claims reduction will help them and being the first to give back is nice PR bump.

The people who actually have bills due are fucking saints in comparison.

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"Can you help this customer with something that’s not your job?"

When you ask the wrong questions be prepared to get the wrong answers….