There’s nothing there.

So I had an hour long call for a 5 minute issue.

Customer (91 years old, she told me) calls in because they forgot the password to their user account on their FruitBook. No big deal, we can either assist the user resetting it through either their Fruit ID or Recovery Mode. We had to use recovery mode since it wasn’t linked to their Fruit ID.

Customer was able to pull up recovery mode no problem. From here it’s all downhill.

Me: At the top of the screen you should see File, Edit and Utilities. Click Utilities.

Her: I only see [options in the middle of the screen].

Me: yes, above that at the very top of the screen you should see Utilities.

Her: I see a red dot to close.

Me: ok, but above that the very very top of the screen. If you look at the very very top left do you see a fruit icon?

Her: no.

Ok….this is fun. Now we can’t share screens in recovery mode but since she has an eyePhone I can screen share there, have her open her camera and point it at the laptop so I can see what she sees.
She allows and does this. I can see the options, so they are there. I SEE THEM, SHE DOESNT?! She still doesn’t. I keep saying the VERY VERY VERY VERY top of the screen. I used the word very that many times.
She still doesn’t see it.

I’m losing my mind. How? How do you not?

It’s been about 15 minutes of the back and forth and she finally sees it. About 30 minutes into the call now.

She resets her password. I try to have her restart by clicking Fruit icon in the top left. Oh no. She doesn’t see it anymore BUT I DO.

Ok this is where it gets crazy. We finally restart and log in but now we have to reset the keychain login. We do it. Now just log out and back in and we’re done.

WELLLLLLL when I tell her to log back in she starts taking pictures (still screen sharing through camera on phone because she can’t be trusted to tell me what she sees) and instead of using the trackpad on the laptop to move the cursor SHES TRYING TO CONTROL THE CURSOR ON THE LAPTOP BY USING THE TOUCH SCREEN OF HER PHONE.

I have no words. I also skipped the 15 minutes it took for her to figure out how to log out.

Normally after 10 minutes of this we’re done, you get to go to the Fruit Store and deal with it. But they are all closed so it’s not an option.

I spent 55 minutes doing a 5 minute job. I work at home (not because of pandemic just in general). I logged out of the system and ended up taking an additional 90 minute lunch to calm down and get my nerves back.

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