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I work for one of the large wireless providers in the U.S In customer service. I genuinely want and enjoy helping customers, but you’ll always have irrational and uneducated with little to no common sense people calling in, pushing you to the limit. With everything going on they’re coming out the woodwork now that they are home and have more time to call and a lot of them have some ridiculous questions, assumptions and expectations.

“Why cant y’all just waive my bill this month?”

“Your hold times are ridiculous, you all need to hire more people.”

“Why is my data getting used so fast, yall are making my phone use more so yall can charge me more”

“What do you mean the store in my area is closed!?”

And on and on.

A. Your bill is valid from before all the chaos and we are not interrupting your service during this time until further notice, regardless of how late you are…..we sent you multiple communications about it and your options.

B. We have an extraordinary amount of people calling (majority of things they can do themselves on their online account) and certain centers are closed and we are transitioning most of those employees to work from home positions now. (Me Included after someone tested positive at our 1200 person call center)

C. Your data is higher because you normally are at work with wifi and do not have home internet so its obviously using your cellular data more now that you’re home more during this time and still using your phone like you normally did. We also let you know there are no overages during this time. We sent them to all the devices including the one you’re apparently on 24/7.

D. Yes, a lot of our stores have modified hours and are closed on certain days they normally weren’t. We don’t want other customers and employees getting unnecessarily sick or at risk because you don’t know how to turn your iCloud back up on even though you’ve had a iphone for years and can google it from that same phone.

I’m not a dick or condescending person, but I know most of these customers know what to do and I get the vibe from these particular type of callers that they are looking for something free or extra to take advantage of what’s going on when we have people on hold with serious issues and concerns that we need to assist.

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