Panic hoarder angry about quantity limits, tries to get around it

I work for the online department of a big box retailer. Because of COVID, many household essentials have a quantity limit of 1 or 2 so it won’t let you add any more than that to your cart. Cue panic hoarder (PH).

PH: (panicking) I couldn’t add more than two of each thing to my cart! It just wouldn’t let me! So I had to place 11 different orders to get enough toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and whatever!

Me: I’m so sorry about that. Due to the virus, we have implemented a quantity limit to discourage people from bulk buying and creating a supply problem. It helps keep the products in stock so whenever you’re ready to purchase again, it will still be in stock.

PH: Well that’s crazy! I shouldn’t have to place 11 orders to get what I wanted! And it charged me $5.99 shipping on each separate order! Can you take that off?

Me: I apologize, but unfortunately I cannot refund any of your shipping charges. We implemented a quantity limit to discourage this kind of bulk buying, which means you’d have to place multiple orders to receive larger quantities and end up paying that extra shipping.

PH: Well what if I run out?! Everyone’s buying up everything! I don’t want to risk going in to the store. That’s why I ordered so much.

Me: I understand, and we are trying to discourage that kind of buying behavior…so we don’t run out…because of the global pandemic…

PH: (I think she finally understood what I was saying) Oh….


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