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So I work in a cc call center for a global bank.

Legitimately, this bank has spent millions around the globe to assist its employees, communities, and customers in the current crisis.

Daily, I get calls from people who are using their credit cards and not paying the balance in full each month, accruing interest. Their beef is that they have to pay interest in the pandemic crisis, and if my employer really was sensitive to the needs of people, they would waive interest. Forget that there is assistance to anyone who asks. Forget that interest is a legit thing.

What I live for each day is the person who is irate enough to tell me that unless they get their $13.67 of interest refunded, they are going to close their cc and take one of the MANY offers they receive EVERY day from other cc. This just sounds ludicrous! Yes, although I sincerely regret Global Bank hasn’t met your needs, TAKE YOUR $7k line of credit to another bank and annoy their call center people!!!

Fun call of the day: elderly man who doesn’t know where his stimulus check is.

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To the a hole who decided to call just to scream in someone’s ear.

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