To the a hole who decided to call just to scream in someone’s ear.

I know that this is probably a stressful time, and hey how were you to know that the agent that answered your call would be epileptic? I’m very glad that there wasn’t a wait time for you longer than me giving my opening for you to deep throat your phone and proceed to screech in my ear about the do not call list.

After listening to the call with my supervisor this afternoon I am also so grateful that you didn’t stay on the line to hear my head slam into my desk as I went into a grand mal.

Also thank you so much for blocking your number as it keeps our risk team busy and employed. I hope you don’t mind that the actual department that called you now has to call you again to let you know your accounts have been terminated.

I also hope you are understanding of the fact that legal will be involved if you call back again. It’s ok if you don’t answer though, legal will also be sending a letter.

Thanks so much for choosing us and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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