Paycheck Protection Program

I work for one of the Big Banks in the small business lending department. As you can imagine, we’re swamped with calls and emails about the programs, and small business owners are stressed about getting funds. I get it, it’s a difficult time for everybody. A lot of people are patient and kind, but others are downright disrespectful.

A customer screamed at me last week because he was transferred to my department in error. Sir, I’m very sorry that you waited an hour and a half to get to the wrong person again, but spending ten minutes screaming at me about that isn’t going to let me get you to the right place any faster.

On the plus side… if you see anything out there about small businesses getting funds through the CARES Act or Paycheck Protection Program – or if you or someone you know is getting money through it – you’re welcome. Because truthfully, we’re pulling all kinds of crazy hours and overtime to make it happen. All while transitioning to working from home and tackling tech issues.

Kind of warms my heart to be helping people out in this difficult time, if I’m honest. Even with all the impatient people out there.

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