Why the rich stay rich, maybe

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I work in a credit card call center and my first call today was with a woman with two last names, which Should have tipped me off to high maintenance. As I listened to her and reviewed her transactions, I saw that she had been to several well-known global locations famous for being home of the rich and famous, as well as having shopped in several high-end designer stores.

Her problem? Over the course of the last week, she has spent a total of 64 minutes on hold to talk to customer service, which her cell phone provider had charged her. So she wanted my global cc company to reimburse her for that charge!

The crazy part is that she had called two months ago with the same type of request and the lunkhead agent GAVE HER A $100 CREDIT. So naturally, she thought she could do it again.

Not on my watch, and not in my town! I told her I regretted the time she waited, but that if she wanted a credit she would need to take it up with her cell phone provider. So of course she escalates.

Are You Kidding Me #2 started with a perky, high-pitched voice which I have learned is going to be super nice or total diva. This, the latter. Diva saw she was accruing late fees and interest every month, which couldn’t possibly be right since she has her payments set up with her bank to pay a few days before her due date. Long story short, a balance from an expired promotional rate had transferred into the account and had raised her minimum payment due. So the minimum payment she had been making was no longer the minimum payment, but about $40 short.

Fact: she has been receiving email statements for the last three years Fact: she’s the only person on the account Fact: she, like many, agreed to terms and conditions without reading them

So her claims that we were unfairly charging her and had not made her statements available to her met with no sympathy from me. “Ma’am, reviewing your statements is your responsibility and if you have any questions about fees and interest, you can consult your terms and conditions or call us here.”

So you think she would say, “thank you so much for helping me see the light and help me realize I’ve been ineffective and well, basically stupid.“

BUT NOOOOO. “ I need to speak to a supervisor.“

Today was one of the longest days ever. It was a hard day too, with divas and truly sad emotional situations and people that just do not understand the idea of interest accumulation. (Jesus take the wheel.) I really do love my job, but sometimes people are just very people-y.

TL:DR: super-rich chick wants me to reimburse her minutes for being on hold and Diva is completely unaware of her account responsibilities.

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