Our bosses caved in to a spoiled man-child and it really pissed me off.

I don’t work at a call centre as such but it’s an office based job with lots of time spent on the phone so I think the story fits here.

Right now, like many other industries, we are absolutely inundated with work. I’m really grateful for how busy we are because it means my job is secure and I’m getting overtime, so no complaints there. It’s tough but our team are great and we are coping well.

Due to this level of work, we are frequently having to tell customers that we are fully booked at the time of their requested booking. We do our absolute best to accommodate them, and will always offer a range of alternative time slots. The responses we receive range from total understanding to minor disappointment, but in general everyone stays civil. Well, everyone except one douchenozzle.

This one guy, in response to being told that we can offer a time slot one hour later than he requested (yes, just one hour!) absolutely exploded. Typical self-important American businessman kind of response, thinks the world revolves around him, probably treats his PAs like shit. The worst. He personally copied in several of our directors and went on a tirade about how our response was completely unacceptable, and you know what we did in response? We said sorry and gave him the slot he wanted.

No. Just no. By saying yes to this utter cretin we have reinforced the idea that he can continue getting whatever he wants by being a dick to people, thus fuelling the cycle. We should have stood firm and told him no, but it wasn’t my decision to make. I dunno, the whole thing just completely rubbed me the wrong way.

I’m sure this scenario crops up daily in a lot of workplaces but just had to share my experience of it.

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