"Can you help this customer with something that’s not your job?"

I work for an ISP/Cable provider, and this call just had me utterly bewildered.

Call comes through, and the guy introduces himself as being from Google customer support, with a customer on hold.

Other Guy: “The customer is saying that when their Chromecast is plugged in, their brand TV doesn’t work. They have to unplug the Chromecast to get channels or watch their recordings”

Me: “Ok so.. what do you want me to do about it? Sounds like our service is working fine, the Chromecast is causing problems”

OG: “Can I transfer the customer to you?”

Me: “No you can’t “

OG: “Okay I’m transferring to you”

The customer ended up transferred through, and I caught the back end of the conversation, with him trying to tell the other guy that there was no need to transfer him before hanging up.

First time I’ve had an advisor from another company try to dump a customer on me.

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