From 0 to Karen in less than a minute

Not really a call center, but I work a lot with people on the phone.

I’m going to leave out a lot of details to try and preserve anonymity. I work for a large corporation. A woman called in asking about a certain benefit for a former employee. The employee had left the company quite sometime ago and the benefit terminated. I explain this to her and all seems well and end the cal.

Not even a minute later she calls back in ranting and raving about how we are “fucking over our employees” and how the benefit should not end when an employee leaves. (Lady have you actually worked a job before?)

She says she wants to speak to someone higher up and is talking a million miles a minute, using profanity, and won’t let me get a word in. Finally, I tell her that I will not speak to her if she is going to be like this and tell her to call back when she has calmed down and hang up on her.

I guess she thought that we are a much larger department than we are because she thens starts calling non-stop. Only two employees handle this particular benefit at my company, and my coworker is at lunch. I recognize her number and just let the line ring. Then another number starts calling in, but its the same area code as Karen so it was obviously a relative of Karen calling in on a separate phone. Nice try Karen.

As Karen continues to constantly call in, and I contact my manager and let her know what’s going on. She picks up one of the calls and (big surprise) it turns out to be Karen’s husband (although Karen was still trying to call in on another line)

My manager said the husband was very calm and polite and she explained the same thing that I explained to Karen the first time. We’re hoping that Karen’s husband will explain what my manager said to Karen and she will leave us alone. I guess we’ll see.

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"Thank you for your service"

Our bosses caved in to a spoiled man-child and it really pissed me off.