"I’m blatantly disrespectful and I’m damn proud of it."

Short-ish one from the tech support team.

We have a client who we’ll call Cardi. Cardi doesn’t call in often, but she’s well known for being fairly helpless and also kind of a piece of shit if she has to talk to us for extended periods of time. There is a 50/50 chance that if she’s calling, it’ll end in an escalation. The woman demands a manager if she detects a single displaced atom in her general vicinity.

So today, Cardi calls in to my coworker, upset about the way a specific part of the software functions. There’s a very easy, seamless workaround for what she wants to do that the software currently doesn’t support, and my coworker gave this to her. Explains that this is the second most requested feature that’s actually in development. Of course, Cardi demands a manager phone call because she’s one of those that believe that “in development” translates to “you’re just not working fast enough and I want it yesterday”. Makes me wonder if she gets banned from restaurants a lot.

Coworker puts in the escalation. One of the managers reaches out to her. Standard procedure for anyone requesting a call – call first, if they don’t pick up, send an email. Cardi didn’t pick up. I’m sure you’re all very shocked.

Manager explains through email exactly what coworker told her.

This is Cardi’s response:

“I’m really annoyed that I received this email as I specifically asked for a phone call. I believe proper communication happens through a phone call. Please call as I did not read this email.”

TL;DR: Why Drej could never be a manager in three sentences or less.

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“This is ridiculous, I’m inconvenienced”

No, we’re not going to pay your wages while you receive a call from us