“This is ridiculous, I’m inconvenienced”

Working in a large call center and I answer calls for a few different clients. One client I’m basically just taking name and number when CS is overwhelmed.

Me: Me AC: Asshole customer

Me: Thank you for calling, my name is Me, may I have your name please?

AC: Yes it’s Asshole Customer

Me: Thank you, are you a “client name” member?

AC: Am I what?

Me: Are you a “client name” member?

AC: Well I don’t know about being a member but It trying to sign up for your services and the page isn’t going anywhere

Me: Ok I’m sorry to hear that. May I have your email address?

AC: I don’t know why you would want that it’s not like you have any of my information or maybe you do, it’s

Me: Thank you, and may I have your phone number so a customer service specialist can call you back to assist you?

AC: Why do they have to call me back I need to speak to someone now I can’t leave all this information up on my computer all day! This is ridiculous!

Me: I understand you’re frustrated, I don’t have access to see if your information was entered that’s why I have to have someone call you back

AC: No, I’ll wait on hold for someone.

*Now this is not an option for 2 reasons, 1 it ties up my line and 2 I don’t have the ability to see when someone is available. *

Me: I apologize but if I put you on hold I won’t be able to service any other callers.

AC: Oh well then I get to be inconvenienced then huh? This is ridiculous

Me: Again I apologize for the inconvenience and I understand your frustration. Would you like to provide a phone number for a call back

AC: I don’t understand why I can’t just hold, ‘this is ridiculous

Me: As I explained I would not be able to help other customers if I left you on hold and I don’t know how long that hold would last.

AC: Fine, my number is … I can’t be expected to have this up on my screen all day and they may not get me because I’ll be dealing with other inconveniences like this all day!

Me: Thank you, as soon as a specialist is a available they will call you.

TL;DR woman wants to inconvenience others so she doesn’t have to keep 3 lines of information up on her screen all day waiting for a call back.

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