I thought I would re-post my favorite call center story, where someone called and claimed that their camera was cut in half…

My husband and I were working side by side for a call center, dealing with the customers of a keyboard, mouse, camera, and speaker company. Real big, still very much in demand to this day. And I enjoyed working for them, except for the fact that too many people could get free “replacements” without having to return the original devices. This caused one keyboard to become so famous for a fading key issue, the company had to require returns, because they sent out more replacements than they actually sold. But, that’s another story, and I might resurrect it again one of these days. In the meantime, here’s what happened when someone called in about a camera with an “issue”.

So, since my husband and I worked the closing shift, we had a comfortable morning coming in usually. And this morning was no different, except that the ice machine wasn’t working, yet again. Poor overworked machine… So, we’ve been seated for a while, taking our normal calls. Then, I get this woman who called in, and said that she went to the store and purchased a current model camera. It was supposed to be one that used motion detection hardware, and could either be on a stalk for more height, or be attached to the base. And of coarse, this was a very high end, and of coarse expensive, camera, the most expensive one we offered. And unique among computer cameras.

So, I ask her how I could help, and she starts to tell me that the camera that actually came in the box wasn’t the one shown on the box. I was surprised, but decided to find out more, and asked for the model number and serial number on the camera. Well, apparently she did have a camera, or else got the information off a website or friend or something. Because she gave me the model information for a camera that had, at that point, not been manufactured for at least six months. Mind you, it was a very popular camera at the time, very reliable and good quality for the money. And the serial number was well out of warranty, without a receipt. Well, with this information, I told her that the camera couldn’t possibly be in a box from a retail store, because it hadn’t been sold in several months, and that the camera itself was very old, from what the serial number said. At the time, the agents were trained in how to read the serial numbers, very useful. Especially in this type of situation.

Well, she couldn’t stop there. When I told her that, she then tells me that the camera is cut in half. As in, slanted cut from top right to bottom left, or vice versus, something like that. Well, that was a first for me. Turned out to be a first for everyone on the floor, including our coaches. Because EVERYONE started getting her at least once that day. Because, well, I told her that there was no way that a camera would have been boxed in that condition. Especially one that was put into packaging that (I think) wasn’t even available while that older model was being manufactured. As you can probably guess, she was unconvinced, and decided to screech at me over how she would get a refund or replacement, even if she had to speak to the CEO himself. She hung up, and proceeded to call so frequently that I think that everyone was emailing about her calling and talking to them. We were fortunate, we actually did have internal email, and were allowed to warn others of potential fraud. And the rare kudos. And even ask for suggestions on problems that we didn’t know how to handle. But yeah, we all got a good laugh out of this, and I will never forget her.

I hope everyone enjoys my favorite memory, and forgives me for this being a re-post. Now, I did have to write this fresh, but the essential story is the same as one I wrote under a former username. Just remember, there are some people even more moronic than your callers.

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