Angry, old, racist, and clueless. Just wait til the end.

This older gentleman claims that he was purchasing some of our product from a warehouse auction. We don’t sell our product to the public, we only use approved vendors and businesses to sell our stuff. So right off the bat, this sounds sketchy as hell. He bought the product and this warehouse gave him a coupon to use online. He put in the coupon info and his computer shut down. He called the warehouse the next day and they said that we would honor the coupon if he called us and explained the situation.

He calls, telling me everything. I explain to him that we don’t have coupons, nor do we participate in warehouse auctions, so there’s nothing I can do for him. I offer to transfer him to our customer service dept, where he may have better luck for a resolution. He refuses, saying that he wouldn’t speak with any Indians, because they don’t know what America is. I tell him again that there’s literally nothing I can do for him, but he won’t speak with anyone else. I put him through to our CS anyway (they’re all US citizens, by the way). My mistake. He calls back every single time I send him to CS. Eventually, I put him through a direct line with a CS agent.

He calls back again and says that the person I sent him to told him the same thing, that the warehouse auction wasn’t through one of our vendors so there’s nothing we can do. They told him he likely participated in a black market auction and the coupon that he described was some kind of guide for downloading a computer virus. The agent told him to report what happened to the police immediately.

But he wouldn’t. He got it in his head that this whole debacle was our fault, so he kept calling. After the millionth time of explaining that we can’t help him, he snapped. He told me that as a double amputee disabled vet, he would report my company for fraud. That he’d have my head for wrecking his grandson’s birthday (he bought the black market product as a gift). That he knew people in the army and government that could track me down and make me ‘pay for what I did to him’. That he knew ‘higher ups’ that could destroy my career. I told him:

Sir, I would really like to help you, but the fact is, I can’t. I don’t have the resources to get you what you need. If our service agents believe you’ve been stolen from, or wronged enough that you should let authorities know, that’s the best solution. Call the local police and tell them what’s happened.

He responded by yelling:

I hung up on him and blocked his number. I can tolerate a lot, but the moment you call this financially independent, college graduate, full time working adult a child, F you.

He called back from a different number the next day to apologize, telling me the tale of how he needed his grandson’s birthday to be the best, that he deserves the best and is worth fighting for… and he didn’t buy our product. He assumed it was our product because the auction people told him it was our stuff. Upon actually looking at what he bought, it wasn’t ours. Still wouldn’t report the scam he fell for.

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