Don’t prank call crisis lines for sexual pleasure!

Yes. This is a thing. And it happens often. I work at a crisis line, and we get all kinds of calls (mostly from men) who make up weird, sexual problems that they have and try to get us to talk to them. If you have ever considered doing this, here’s some things you can know.

A) We ALWAYS know. You won’t get away with anything. We are trained to hear subtle differences in peoples’ speech. We hear your moaning and grunting, no matter how subtle you think you’re being.

B) It’s a federal crime to prank call a crisis line, especially punishable for obscene offenses.

C) Most crisis lines will create a profile for you and ban you from ever calling again.

You want to know the kicker? I’m a teenager working at a crisis line completely staffed by teens FOR teens. That is explicitly stated, yet we get adult men who call over and over again, hanging up until they hear a female voice, and then spewing their sexual fantasy to a teenage girl. (This happens almost every day, and we usually have every female on shift turn off their phones, leaving me and one other on our shift answering back and forth.)

Don’t prank call crisis lines period. But ESPECIALLY don’t do this, unless you want to end up with a criminal offense and become a registered sex offender.

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