I sobbed on the phone with a customer today

I work for a financial institution. While I do not work in a call center, all of our financial institutions phone calls are answered by personal bankers (including myself).

I had an older customer call in today. He needed some help paying some bills as he had never done so before. His wife had always taken care of the bills and kept up with everything regarding online banking. I got into the back end of our bill pay system and scheduled the payments for him. This is not typically something our institution would do for the sake of time and liability, but I am empowered to make decisions to help our customers within reason. It took a little bit of time to get everything set up because it was all in his wife’s name, but I was able to make it work since it was a joint account.

Once I finished getting those payments set up for him, he choked back some tears before telling me why he was now doing all of the online banking. His wife is currently in the hospital on a ventilator due to COVID-19, and she is not expected to make it. I sat on the phone and cried with him for a moment. After we ended the call, I placed my phone on DND and walked away for a few minutes.

My heart is breaking for our customers, our community, and our country right now. Please stay home and wash your hands.

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