I never did learn the reason for their call

I work in a financial institution call centre. I had a call back request sent to me to contact a fund member regarding a complaint they were trying to raise.

The complaints team didn’t want to call them because they hadn’t advised us of what their question was initially.

The fund member sent 4 emails, presumably while on hold in the queue to get through to someone, stating how disappointed they were with our service and the wait time as well as one email asking for a call back. With the market volatility and the pandemic our emails are taking a while to get responded to. So no one called him back and it was a week after the fact that the call back came to me.

I dialed the number and prepared myself for a angry individual.

I did the introduction, told them the call was recorded etc.

‘Well it’s about bloody time someone got back to me, you think after 20 years, 20 YEARS! as a member you guys would bother to talk to me!’

I apologise for the wait times, I let them know the reasons for the delay in correspondence.

‘I don’t care about all of that! 20 years! we are the people you should be taking care of’

I apologise again and ask what the inquiry was original regarding so that we could work on resolution.

‘I sorted on my own! But I should F**king have to! F**king poor customer service! I will taking my money else where!’

I left a note on the account and responded to the request to contact this member simply with:

unable to determine the nature of the member’s enquiry/complaint, member terminated call

Whatever the issue was, it shall for ever remain a mystery. I looked at the account after the call, there were no recent changes and no recent activity other that the emails.

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