Give me YOUR discount!!

So this has literally just happened and I am typing this in between calls.

Some context: I work in the upgrades department for a large UK phone provider.

Discussing the upgrade options for the customer and they have requested a price for the Samsung Galaxy Z flip.

I have told the customer the price (around £90 per month and they would have a one off cost for the phone)

As I said the upfront cost he TOLD me that I have to waive it. (I can’t do that btw)

Once I told him the price minus his NHS discount he then TOLD me that I would have to apply MY OWN discount to HIS CONTRACT as he has had “Sooooo many issues with our company and is considering leaving us”

I was stunned, this is my first call with someone who is as entitled as this guy.

And I still have to call him back later….

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What do you think?

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Just thought I would share this.

He’s going to get me SO FIRED! (tl; dr – he didn’t)