Just thought I would share this.

So I do service desk support for internal employees of a large construction company. I’m 100% phone based support. We have local techs but they cover a wide area and are rarely on site.

Stage: not a super busy day but I’d had a few harder calls and was looking forward to my break.

HR person calls calls in with one of their employees on the line. Customer (CF)is a construction foreman, hr is… well HR and trying to help the completely tech clueless but super nice guy set up his iPhone. Call went like this (super condensed)

Me: thanks for calling how can I help you?

HR: hey this is HR from I’ve got CF on the phone here, can you check that his email is online and that his apps are ready for deployment?

Me: (does the requisite verifications and checks)

Me: yep he’s all good. Can I help with anything else?

HR: awesome can you stay on the line if I need you? I’m gonna help him get this going. I know what to do, I just need you in case we run into any snags

Me: Sure.

And I spent the next 30-45 mins checking emails and twiddling my thumbs as this woman walked this sweet, completely tech clueless dude through setting up his iPhone. I answered a couple super generic iPhone related how to questions but that was it.

At the end of the call they both thanked me and hung up.

Just a fun experience I thought I’d share.,

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