He’s going to get me SO FIRED! (tl; dr – he didn’t)

Hey, has anyone ever decided on a name for the male version of a “Karen”? If not, I’m going to call mine ‘Karlen’, and he was a fun guy to deal with at 7 am with very little coffee in my system.

Backstory: I do tech support for a national provider that offers TV service (among other things). At the moment, due to covid-19, we are only sending technicians into customer homes if all services or an essential service are down. In other words, if you only have one tv, and it’s not working, we will send a tech. Four tvs, and one isn’t working? No tech for you, until post covid. We do credit you for the outage, however.

So, I answer the phone to someone who initially refuses to verify his identity – always a warning flag that we are entering Karen/Karlen territory. This Karlen, after I dragged his ID out of him with a hook, promptly tells me that he is NOT at home, so he can’t do any troubleshooting, and even if he WAS home, he wouldn’t troubleshoot because ‘that’s your job, NOT mine’.

Yeah, that’s a strike two for me, dog.

After much grumbling, he tells me the issue – his TV in his pool house is not working. This is one of his FIVE televisions, btw. But, it’s not working, and it’s my job to try to fix it, so I ask him when he’ll be home, so that I can try to troubleshoot it with him.

Karlen: “Did you not hear me? I’m not DOING THAT. That’s not MY JOB. Send me a tech – that’s HIS job”.

Me: “Gosh, I am so sorry, but I am not sending you a technician. If the rest of your TVs are working, the best I can do is schedule one for after the Covid restrictons are lifted”.

Karlen: “No, what you’re going to do is GET ME A TECHNICIAN, or today is the day you’ll LOSE YOUR JOB.” – note that yes, all caps DOES EQUAL YELLING

Me: “Again, I’m so sorry, but you’re not getting a technician. It’s not an option”.

Karlen: “Then I’m going to quit ALL YOUR SERVICES. Do you hear that? I’m GOING TO QUIT, and YOU are going to get fired. NOW GET ME YOUR MANAGER!”

What this Karlen does not get is that my manager makes me seem like a picnic. He has about lost his damned mind with stress over the last week or so, and he’s had enough of everyone’s shit. So, I fill my manager in, he listens to the call, and then he comes on the line.

Manager introduces himself to the Karlen.

Karlen smugly says “It’s about damned time! Get me my fucking tech – “

Manager: “So I understand you want to cancel your services because you can’t get a technician, so I’ve gone ahead and canceled your account for you. We’ll issue you a credit for the balance, and you’ll need to drop off your equipment at this address”

Karlen: “Now, hold on a minute here… “

Manager: “Great, it’s done, I’ve canceled it for you, and you have a great day”. CLICK

It was less than two hours before the Karlen called in to the office, asked for his services to be reconnected, and politely agreed to troubleshooting his tv issue over the phone.

He just needed to reboot it (quelle shock).

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