Customer: You Tell Me The Answer And I’ll Tell You If It’s Right

This was definitely a weird one. Ugh I think I need a new job. Enjoy nonetheless.

ME: [Beep] Hello and welcome to [Bank’s] Fraud Dept. You’re speaking to Peace. How can I help?

Caller: Ah, yes. Just the people I wanted to speak to. You see what happened was…

To save you the dumb rhetoric I’ll summarise it. This customer/caller had a business credit card that was in arrears (missed payments after missed payments) and had just talked to a department to arrange a payment plan to set up a monthly direct payment from his current account (I think Americans call it a checking account?) to pay off his business credit card. Simple right?


Shortly after the call had ended with the other department re regular payments from his current account he received an email. That told him when his next bill date was. How much would be taken. I knew this because I’ve been in banking for quite a while.

But this guy? On a whole other level. He thought it was a scammer. And so instead of ringing back the department he was talking to previously, he “called a trusted number on a different phone just to be sure” (yes, he actually said that).

ME: I’m certain that I can assist you in this matter. If we can just do some security.

Customer: No no, I’m not doing any security with you! On this email here it says it’s from Kevin. But I never spoke to a Kevin. I spoke to Tom! How do I know you’re not this scammer Kevin?! So why don’t you tell me what you have down for my DOB and I’ll tell you if it’s right?!!

ME: I’m not Kevin sir. You called me. And number 2, I can’t give you the information you’re aski

Customer: WHY?!!

ME: Because sir, how do I know that you’re not this scammer Kevin just ringing up to fish for customer’s information?

Customer: Oh, ooh that’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of it like that. WELL I’m still not giving you any information. You scammers will just have to try again. BYE! [click]

And this is why I need a break from customers. They hurt my sanity. It was one of the most strangest calls I’ve received.

How dense do you gotta be? Just when I think customers can’t get any dumber this guy shows up.

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