I wish supervisors could laugh…

The center I work for does dependent audits. I am a supervisor and honestly surprised I didn’t take over this call.

I dropped in on my best agent for an easy listen. He is great with customers and always goes above and beyond.

Well, today apparently isn’t his day…

Skipping greeting and verification.

Customer: Yeah I got this letter, and you want me to send you all my family’s information. Who the f*** has time for that.

Agent: You have been selected for an audit. All your information is kept secure when you submit via the secure portal. You have 60 days from the beginning of the audit to submit documentation.

Customer: I haven’t had a chance to get everything, my wife was laid off in March. There is sort of a Pandemic going on if you can’t tell.

Agent: it looks like the initial letter was sent early March (I am not revealing dates since large company) I see you initially called us (about a week after letter was sent) to confirm what you needed to submit.

Customer: Well we have had any time to do this! There are people dealing with things in life, you should know this . This AUDIT isn’t the be all end all.

Agent: It doesn’t end all just the dependents coverage.

Customer: IS THAT A F***ing threat!!!!

That is the last I heard because I was laughing so hard. I know I need to remind him about tact, but I have to stop laughing first.

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