Customer forgot about coronavirus

So everyone knows that things are a little nuts right now, especially with the customers that currently live in shelter-in-place areas.

Me: “So that’s everything I need from you today sir, do you have any questions before I end the call.”

Claimant: “Yeah, how long is this investigation going to take?”

Me: “I can’t make guarantees sir, but current expectation is that we may be looking at a few of weeks before the investigation is complete.”

Claimant: “What? That’s bullshit. Why?”

Me: “With the current Coronavirus Pandemic, staffing levels in all areas are severely reduced, so many of my colleagues are having to handle case loads that are many times larger than normal, resulting in delays.”

Claimant: “oh. I, uh, completely forgot about the coronavirus thing. I guess it makes sense now that I think about it. Wait, how the hell did your guy end up hitting me then if we were the only people driving around?”

Me: “That’s what we intend to ask him sir.”

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