Three way call with his banker

I work for this investments newsletter firm, and you’ve probably seen a couple of my anecdotes at some point. Here’s my latest entry on my ledger of stupid :

I just got off this call –

So some rude schmuck from MS called me to cancel his subscription which was being charged monthly.

For context, he personally called in for it, received AND acknowledged the Terms and Conditions both by email and during the call, and was fully aware that he would be charged/renewed MONTHLY and that the refund period was 7 days from renewal charge.

This poor sucker called in and did a three way with his Issuing Bank, and was acting all smug like “yeah I got the bank with me, boy, let’s see what YOU can do”

So it’s me, Customer (Cx), and poor banker lady (Banker) who got caught up in this guy’s mess and is about to witness her client get whooped in the ass.

Me : Thank you for calling (Company), this is Me, may I have your name?

Banker : Hi Me! This is Banker from (Issuing Bank), and I’m calling on behalf of a mutual customer who needs a charge reversed since it is an unauthorised charge.

Me : Sure, let me help out! What’s his email

Banker : uh… he’s on the line, I’ll connect him you can go through verification with him.

Me : okay

*she connects customer and goes thru standard warm transfer spiel*

Me : Hi Cx, In order for me to pull up the account, I need your info

Cx : Okay. *verifies account*

Me : Thanks. So based on what I see here, y-

Cx : Listen, y’all have charged my card without notifying me and I want a refund. That was three charged of $49 and I don’t even know what this darn service is.

Me : I’m sorry to hear that (no i’m not.), but based on the records on your account, you called in-

Cx : No. Nope. You will refund me my money, this is an unauthorised charge, and I have the bank here with me so they know about this.

Me : I understand. We can definitely cancel the most recent charge on your account since it is the only one within the Money Back Guarantee period-

Cx : You WILL refund me everything.

Me : Unfortunately, I can’t since the other months are outside the refund period.

Cx : You’re not listening to me, you will refund me all of it.

Me : No, we won’t sir. It is against the-

Cx : Do you have a supervisor or a manager that we can talk to about this

(Flashback to my previous post, you’d know that my manager is a spineless bum, so no, I’d save myself – EVEN HIM – from the idiot)

Me : He is in a meeting at the moment, but I can arrange for a call back.

Cx : No let’s do this right now. If you don’t refund me anything – and I know you will – my bank is going to deal with you

(At this point I was so ticked off already. Juicy part is, I was previously employed in the bank’s call center, and funnily enough, in the same department this banker is in right now, only I was working there 2 years ago, but I was in the same department which is Disputes, so I know THEIR policy on chargebacks, and couldn’t wait to mush his face with it.)

Me : (in the calmest tone I could pull off) Mr. Cx, we are not stopping you from approaching your bank to dispute the charge, It is your right. However, I would like to inform you, in the presence of your representative, that you ARE eligible for only one month’s worth of refund, since the rest are already past the period for cancellation. We do have a record of your date of call in which you acknowledged this policy, and the fact that this is a monthly subscription. Two weeks after the sale, you called back to have your password reset. A week after that, you called for assistance in navigating the website. So, by all means, you can approach your bank and dispute the charges and claim that this transaction is unrecognized, but we can only refund you the amount that your account is due. I’ll be happy to forward the information by email should you or your bank request it… (non verbatim – was actually a longer explanation, but the same idea)

Cx : Well. No, I… I… You –

Banker : It’s fine. you can process the cancellation and refund, and I’ll take care of the rest, Thanks a bunch

In short, rude, unreasonable customer gets clapped in front of his own bank rep.

I wonder how awkward their convo was after I disconnected from the three-way.

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