Customer "Purposely Comes in Late"

I work in a Business Development Center for a dealership, we schedule appointments for customers, help gather information for the sales people to get them connected so they can help the customers get into new vehicles, and respond to internet inquiries.

This happened to my coworker in Business Development. The guy had called in and scheduled an appointment with her to come in and work with a salesperson to check out a vehicle he was interested in. She scheduled the appointment for 4:00 PM and alerted the salesperson so that he would be ready for when he arrives.

4:00 comes and the salesperson is ready, no arrival. After about 15 minutes of the appointment we follow up with them to confirm if they made it in and to make sure everything is going well. She follows up, no response, no message back, nothing. Does not do anything to let us know what’s happening on his end.

Eventually he decides to show up at 5:00 and at that time the salesperson he was setup with was busy helping other customers because he didn’t show up for his appointment. In that time she tries to inform him that she will get him setup with another salesperson. She finds someone who is available, and sends them down to our truck center (we have a separate truck department for our dealership). Calls him to let him know and he said that he already left the dealership because no one helped him.

Then you know what he messages her?

“This is your fault, I came in late so you guys had time to prepare for me when I arrive.”

He tried to make it OUR fault that he came in late so that we could “prepare” for his arrival. The appointment was scheduled for 4:00, considered a no call, no show until an hour later when he randomly happens to show up and arrive, and actually responds to our call. He leaves when we try to get someone else who is available setup with him, and then proceeds to blame it on us.

Luckily our manager is very understanding and knew that this guy was just in the complete wrong. We deal with customers setting appointments and blowing us off on them constantly, but this was really just baffling. Lmao.

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