Saving Daylight

FTP, LTL, occasional dropping 2c. I work at an ISP doing level 1 tech support, this means a lot of rebooting things that belong to us, teaching people how to use a remote control, resetting passwords, and setting up home tech appointments. On the rare occasion, if I like the person or just like the challenge, I will help with out of scope issues (home networking, printers, software support, etc). This was not one of those occasions.

Me – me obviously
OK – Old Karen
EM – Escalations Manager


OK: When are you going to change the time on my phone to match daylight savings time?

Me: *opening welcome spiel?* I’d be happy to help, mind if I ask you a few account questions to verify the account?

OK: [ignoring my question] I waited 40 minutes to get to you, can you just send the signal and fix it?

I look at the inbound call stats – customer was transferred in, and waited ~500 seconds. The account that pulled up based on the inbound phone number belongs to a very old lady that matches the voice I’m hearing. There are a number of recent notes from other agents having spoken to her about this, transferring, and getting hung up on. That’s okay, I like challenges, and have taught the ancient ones how to email before.

Me: Since ISP doesn’t control the time on phones, there’s nothing to send, but I’d be happy to try and walk you through the steps on how to do it.

OK: You’re the third person to tell me that!! You people do this every year! Why can’t you do it NOW!?

Out of curiosity I scroll down to the notes from last year, and there was no call recorded. The year before that nothing either. Someone must be doing it for her, or she just hasn’t paid attention to the phone’s time for 6 months of the year in previous years.

Me: Are you by any chance referring to your cellphone?

OK: Hahaha! No, are you dense? It’s my Land Line!

I’m not sure whether to be amused or annoyed by that. I deal with a lot of angry and ignorant customers when it comes to tech, but direct attacks about my intelligence are rare because I sound both nerdy and confident about these basic things so people trust me even if they’re pissed.

Me: Like I said, it’s out of scope, but I’m happy to help. To help you though I’m going to need the phone model, can you read me what it says?

OK: What do you need that for?

Me: To help you program the correct time.

OK: It says “Panasonic.”

Now we’re getting somewhere – or so I think.

Me: What else does it say?

OK: Nothing!

Me: Try flipping it around, or checking the bottom, there’s always a model – it should start with KX.

OK: This is ridiculous, just send the signal to my Land Line!

Me: There is no signal, each phone has to have the time programmed… Can I give you the number to Pana–

OK: I’ve waited 40 minutes to talk to you, and none of you are helping! Get me your manager!

Me, done with being shouted at over crazy: Can do, please hold.


EM: Escalations, how can I help?

Me: [explains the situation]

EM: Really? Oh man, this is going to be a poor survey for me for sure.

Me: Ya never know :/

EM: Do you think [third party support group] can help?

Me: Doubtful, they deal with computer things, and even if they did this customer can’t find a model number.

EM: Give me a minute to find out.

Me: Take your time, I still have to write my notes.

Two minutes go by, EM comes back to the line: They don’t… alright, bring her on through.

Me: Hi OK, I’ve got EM on the line now, and he’ll be happy to take it from here.


Me: *disconnects the call*

I messaged EM later to apologize, and we have a laugh – they tell me that they just repeated the honest to god truth, and that’s when the customer threatened to cancel and immediately hung up.

TLDR: Crazy old Karen wanted us to change the time on her landline phone remotely, asks for a manager when nobody on the front lines can do magic.

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