The day a customer said "I Love You"

Pulling from memory, so some details may be off.

I was working for a roadside assistance call center when a call comes in to my line. Upset customer (UC) keeps asking to be taken off of the automated menu, to which I confirm that she is talking to a person. I ask her what the problem was, to which she said that she locked her keys in her car. I don’t remember exactly where they were, but I remember confirming that they were not in the trunk.

At this time, I begin looking for providers who are covered under our company’s contracts, but this person lived in an area where there were no providers under contract. At this time, I ask a team lead if it was OK to look out of network, which thankfully was approved. I found a shop near her house willing to do the job. During this time, we had to see if they accepted our purchase order, and if they did not, we had to look elsewhere. Thankfully, not only did the guy accept our purchase order, but he said that he will do it for the contracted rate and that he could be there in less than 20 minutes. This is exciting, as most companies can take between 30 – 90 minutes to arrive and we were required to add 10 minutes to the time to make up for traffic.

After getting off of the line with the provider, I noticed that UC was disconnected from my other line, but fortunately, I still had her call back number up. After apologizing for the delay, I informed her that not only would there be assistance in about 30 minutes, but there would be no out-of-pocket expenses. Once I said that she said:

UC: “JDIMMORTAL1, I Love You.”

Obviously, I could tell she was happy, she even wanted to speak to my supervisor to give me praise.

This was probably one of the only times where getting a call did not stress me out, but instead made my day.

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